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Strategic Behavioral Health, a for-profit company based in Memphis, Tennessee, plans to build a 72-bed psychiatric hospital on Deming Way in Middleton. The building is expected to resemble the facility shown, Willow Creek Behavioral Health in Green Bay, run by the same company.

The Middleton City Council next week will consider a proposed 72-bed psychiatric hospital in the Airport Road Business Park, after the Plan Commission on Tuesday approved the plan.

The council, which meets Tuesday, is also expected to take up an agreement to give $1.2 million in tax incremental financing for the project, called Miramont Behavioral Health, said Abby Attoun, Middleton’s director of community development.

Strategic Behavioral Health, a for-profit company in Memphis, Tennessee, that has 10 psychiatric hospitals in six states, including one in Green Bay, plans to spend $17 million to $20 million on the facility in Middleton.

The hospital could help divert people experiencing mental health crises from jail and reduce trips by law enforcement to Winnebago Mental Health Center in Oshkosh, mental health advocates, county officials and police have said.

But some have expressed concerns about nine immediate jeopardy violations and other sanctions Strategic Behavioral Health has faced in recent years at some facilities, including after 10 youth escaped in January from a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Middleton Mayor Gurdip Brar said he is concerned about the sanctions and the location of the Middleton project near two day care centers and two sports complexes. But “there is a need” for the psychiatric hospital, and he is “cautiously optimistic” about the plan, he said.

“I don’t think we can accept some of the things which have happened in some of the other facilities,” Brar said. “They have to use the lessons learned from other (hospitals) to this facility.”

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