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WEAC opposes new grant proposal.

The state's largest teachers union has blasted a new proposal from three lawmakers to give grants to advanced learners who live in low-income households, saying the proposal is another way to send public money to private education providers.  

Christina Brey, spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Education Association Council, on Friday blasted a bill proposed this week by Sen. Alberta Darling, R-River Hills, Rep. Mary Felzkowski, R-Irma, and Rep. Jason Fields, D-Milwaukee, to give $1,000 grants to 2,000 low-income students in public, charter and private schools who are considered to be "gifted and talented." Brey said the bill lacks measures of accountability and does not specify where funding will come from.

The bill, which allows parents of eligible students to use the money for education expenses approved by the Department of Public Instruction, requires the program to be audited, however. 

"To meet the needs of all students, elected officials should provide stable funding for public schools and include educators in developing solutions instead of fragmented approaches that siphon more from public schools to fund private," Brey said.