Gov. Scott Walker plans to rally Republican faithful Saturday by telling them what will be “gone” with a Democratic win.

In a speech to the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention, Walker also plans to lay the foundation for a third-term agenda, with promises of more large tax cuts and a major reduction in opioid addiction, according to excerpts of his speech released Friday by his campaign.

“If a Democrat is elected as governor, we will also likely lose the majorities in the state Legislature,” Walker plans to say. “If that happens, all of the positive reforms we worked so hard for could be gone.”

The list of policies that Walker says would be swept away by Democrats include:

  • Act 10, which curbed the power of public-sector unions.
  • A tax credit that almost entirely eliminates income taxes for manufacturers and farmers.
  • The University of Wisconsin System tuition freeze.
  • Photo ID requirements for voting.
  • The right-to-work employment law.
  • Drug testing for welfare recipients.
  • State support for Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn, which is building a $10 billion manufacturing facility in Racine County with combined state and local tax and other subsidies of about $4.5 billion.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokeswoman Melanie Conklin said Walker is “in a panic.”

“The people of Wisconsin are against his taking away health care, cutting schools and letting roads crumble just so Foxconn can get $4.5 billion from our state taxpayers,” Conklin said. “So at the convention he plans to twist his record in an attempt to pull Wisconsin voters into an upside-down parallel universe where they won’t remember what his giveaways to the rich and Foxconn are costing the rest of us.”

Walker also plans to cite as threatened “protection for the unborn,” referring to abortion restrictions he has signed that Democrats oppose, and the “ability to protect yourself and your family,” referring to gun rights measures he enacted, such as the castle doctrine, which allows gun owners to legally shoot trespassers.

Other examples of what will be “gone” if Democrats win aren’t necessarily things the governor controls, such as record-low unemployment.

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Walker also plans to say “balanced budgets” will be gone, even though all governors regardless of party are required by state law to pass a balanced budget. His campaign said this is a reference to the more than $3 billion deficit the state faced after Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle left office in 2011 shortly after the recession.

He also plans to tell convention attendees that Democrats threaten to eliminate some policies that even they have proposed — such as “lower property taxes on working families and senior citizens,” “record actual dollar investments in schools” and “relief from high health-care premiums under Obamacare.”

Walker is calling his agenda for a third term “Wisconsin wins the 21st Century.”

His new goals include:

  • “One of the largest reductions in the tax burden for working families of any state in the nation.”
  • “One of the greatest reductions in opioid and illegal drug addiction of any state.”
  • Improving the state’s recent ranking by WalletHub.com as the sixth-best place for millennials and 12th-best state for seniors, according to AARP.

He is also calling for the high school graduation rate and workforce participation rate to be among the best in the nation, which they already are and have been for decades.

“Bottom line,” Walker plans to say, “we want to help the people of Wisconsin win the 21st Century.”

Walker declined to take questions Friday after attending a law enforcement memorial service in the Capitol, as has been his customary practice after such events.

“We want to help the people of Wisconsin win the 21st Century.” Gov. Scott Walker

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