Gov. Scott Walker’s job approval rating continues to hover below 40 percent, according to the latest Marquette Law School Poll.

The poll found 39 percent approve of his job performance, compared with 55 percent who disapprove.

The poll also found 52 percent of respondents say the state is on the wrong track, while 44 percent said it’s headed in the right direction. And 36 percent said the state budget is in worse shape than a few years ago, compared with 28 percent who say it’s in better shape. That’s a reversal from 2014, when 43 percent said it was in better shape and 27 percent said it was in worse shape.

Walker’s job approval rating began to drop about a year ago as he mounted an ultimately short-lived presidential campaign. Walker has traveled extensively around the state since dropping out of the presidential election in late September, but his efforts to reconnect with citizens have yet to show up in his job approval numbers.

Poll director Charles Franklin said it’s unrealistic to expect Walker’s job approval numbers to shoot up because he is no longer running for president.

In a composite of the four Marquette polls taken before his 2014 re-election, his job approval rating was 48.6 percent. In a composite of the last four polls since August, excluding Thursday’s, his job approval level was 38.2 percent.

Walker’s support has plummeted the most among self-described independents (down 19 points to 23.2 percent) and independents who “lean Republican” (22.3 points to 60.9 percent).

Walker also has seen his support evaporate in the northern part of the state, where his approval level is down 21.2 points, and the Fox Valley region, where it is down 16.5 points.

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