No. 16 seeds never win. No. 12 seeds win almost every year. No. 1 seeds usually win it all. But four No. 1 seeds in the Final Four? Don't count on it.

And one more tip for filling out an NCAA tournament bracket: If you're running for governor, don't pick against the home team.

Both Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke understood that iron law of local politics. They picked No. 2 seed Wisconsin to win the college men's basketball national championship, which kicks into high gear Thursday.

"I figured if you're going to get into the Final Four, why stop it there?" Walker said in an interview Wednesday. "And I don't think that's unrealistic. There's enough pundits out there that think that's a fairly reasonable pick."

Both Walker and Burke also went for heavy underdog UW-Milwaukee to upset No. 2 seed Villanova in the opening round of 64. Walker said Villanova looked weak in its loss to Seton Hall in the Big East championship game.

"I figured I could be a homer, but I can't have them beating UConn," Walker said. Burke made the same call.

Neither may be off base. A No. 15 seed has only advanced seven times in tournament history, but three of those wins came in the past two years.

Speaking of underdogs, Walker picked seven upsets in the first 32 games while Burke picked four. But down the stretch he eliminated all the No. 1 seeds before the Final Four, which has only happened three times in 35 years.

Burke also picked a rarity that has only happened three times in the modern era — all four No. 5 seeds advancing to the next round. That included picking Cincinnati over Harvard, her business school alma mater. Neither candidate's undergraduate alma mater — Walker attended Marquette and Burke graduated from Georgetown — made the tournament this year.

Walker more heavily favored Big Ten teams, predicting only No. 11 seed Nebraska would lose its first match-up against Baylor. He has No. 2 seed Michigan, No. 6 seed Ohio State and No. 11 seed Iowa bowing out before the Elite 8.

Walker's Final Four: Kansas, Michigan State, Louisville and Wisconsin, with the Badgers defeating the Spartans for the title.

Burke only has Wisconsin in her Final Four among Big Ten teams, with No. 4 seed Michigan State making the Elite 8, but losing to Iowa State. She also picked Florida and Louisville to cut down the nets, with the Badgers triumphant over the top-seeded Gators.

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