Parking ticket grace period extended

The Madison City Council approved extending the time people have to pay parking tickets before accruing additional fees.

The Madison City Council voted Tuesday to give parking violators four more days to pay tickets before getting hit with a late fee.

The move means people will now have 14 days to pay citations before the $10 fee is assessed.

Sponsors touted the measure as a way to help lower-income residents living paycheck to paycheck.

In addition, those who fail to pay off their tickets within 14 days will not get a second $10 fee added to their total if they pay what they owe within 25 days from the date the ticket was issued. Previously, that additional late fee was assessed after 21 days.

The City Council also honored the University of Wisconsin women’s hockey team on winning their fifth NCAA national championship.

Four Badgers — Annie Pankowski, Nikki Cece, Cami Kronish and Britta Curl — attended the meeting for the council’s honoring resolution, bringing their trophy with them.

Ald. Arvina Martin, 11th District, told the players her 10-year-old daughter hadn’t been interested in sports until she attended some of the women’s hockey games this year and has now rallied behind the team.

“Thank you so much for being such remarkable athletes and remarkable role models for young women throughout this city, throughout Wisconsin, throughout the country,” Martin said.

The meeting also included an unexpected, choreographed dance by supporters of a council resolution calling on the United States to adopt a United Nations convention on eliminating all forms of discrimination against women.

“This was a first, and it was very enjoyable,” Council President Shiva Bidar-Sielaff said once the song about women’s empowerment, “Break the Chain,” wrapped up.

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