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Here are some of our readers' suggestions for replacing 'America's Dairyland' on Wisconsin license plates

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America's Dairyland license plate "COWS"

A state lawmaker plans to introduce legislation that proposes having a contest among high school students to determine Wisconsin's license plate and slogan.

After the State Journal reported Monday that the head of the Wisconsin's business lobby, Kurt Bauer, was suggesting it is time for the state to consider changing its "America's Dairyland" slogan on license plates, we put the call out to our followers on Facebook and Instagram to see if they could come up with a slogan to replace the current one.

Between the two posts we received nearly 200 responses, with reactions falling into roughly four categories: disapproval of the proposal, joke slogans, political swipes, and love letters to the state of Wisconsin.

Here's a selection of some of the responses from each category:


  • "Come on. Bauer says America's Dairyland might make people hesitate moving to WI to work ... based on what? Agriculture is still the largest industry in the state. Dairy is the largest segment of that industry with over nine thousand businesses called dairy farms. Nearly 1,400,000 Wisconsin cows are producing about 3.5 billion gallons a of milk (or 30 billion lbs if you like). The state produces about 3.2 billion lbs of cheese. Just a heck of a lot of butter and liquid milk. America's Dairyland should stay right where it is on the plates ... although, I do like 'Eat Cheese or Die.'" — Lloyd Schultz 
  • "I think the WI business lobby isn't using it's time wisely! Attract businesses and manufacturers to WI and leave license plates alone!" — Jerri Welk
  • "Please! Why not use the values and hard working spirit of the people that built Wisconsin as a platform to attract new business. Throwing out the authentic identity of who we are is like changing Coke to New Coke because you misread what assets we really have! On Wisconsin! Eat cheese. Drink milk!" — Peter J. Curran
  • "Why should the lobbyist of the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce have a say in this matter or be pushing for the change?" — Gary Schepp
  • "First of all I believe we are 'America's Dairyland' and we should be proud. I would keep it. Second it is my belief that our tax dollars are better spent elsewhere. Let's worry about real issues and not what slogan is on our license plate. If they need something to do let's remove the legal requirement for a front plate and save some money." — @12gaugepointer


  • "We have more bars than grocery stores?" — Diana Roehr
  • "Land of 15,000 lakes" — Scott Erickson, @bigpappamech
  • "Winter is coming" — @365_days_to_take_today
  • "Keep 'er Mooooovin" — @lindaruthless
  • "One For The Road" — Daryl Fischer 
  • "Mind our potholes." — Jaime Foley 
  • "Come Smell Our Dairy Air" — Joe McCracken, @dittypditty
  • "The North Remembers" — @machineblett
  • "We're Old Fashioned" — @dammination
  • "Tolls coming soon" — Jason Ward 
  • "Drunker Than You" — Shawn Steen 
  • "Ya hey der!" — @worldfamousfred
  • "Land of 10001 lakes. Sunshining state. Or southern Canada?" — @phowe00


  • "Not really crazy about the change, 'America's Dairyland' just seems right. Here are some possible replacements: 'Welcome Foxconn,' 'Open for Business,' 'Sorry for the Roads.'" — Paul Traeder
  • "So according to the article Mr. Bauer wants a new image for the State because of the "excitement" of Foxconn choosing Wisconsin? How about this? Wisconsin: How Much Do You Want?" — Margo McBain
  • "Backward! (Rumor has it our state motto is Forward!)" — Andrea Duwe Lerum 
  • "America's Gerrymand! ;)" — @hilcoves
  • "WisFoxConnsin" — Aaron Zitzelsberger 
  • "Wisconsin for sale" — Mark Sproul 
  • "Sorry for Scottie" — Matt Kressin 
  • "Kochwalkerstan" — Mark Laustrup 
  • "New Slogan - 'Walking Toward Disaster'" — Sean Cullen 
  • "Paving The Way to 1950!" — Carl Gitchel 
  • "Open For Monkey Business" — Tim B. Sullivan 
  • "This space for rent" — Frankie Hownd 

Love for Wisconsin

  • "The Campfire State" — @annefrasier
  • "Home of the Driftless Region" — @annefrasier
  • "Land of green pastures" — @ghostly.fawn
  •  "I would rely more on the State's Tourism dept for a recommendation. Actually, I like their 'Travel Wisconsin.' Sounds good and fits on the license plate." — Ron Lee 
  • "They should bring back the sesquicentennial plate style." — Scott Jones
  • "Wisconsin: up nort'" — @g0.pack.go
  • "Home of the Cheeseheads!" — Rick Dodd 
  • "Wisconsin: Say Cheese!" — Darcy Hill
  • "How about 'Home of the Brew Pub'" — Laurie Armstrong 
  • "Uff da!" — @birchgrove77
  • "The badger state ... obvious" — @ben_fruit
  • "The Ice Age State. We Kame (Ice Age reference), We Sawed (brings us back to our long running logging industry) and We're Great! (Great Lakes)" — @___myselfincluded
  • "Home of Madtown" — @bizzit26
  • "Forever forward" — @collin_janowski53
  • "Best In Da Midwest" — @ash.jackson.89

Nick Heynen was the online editor for the Wisconsin State Journal and managed the newspaper's social media accounts until 2018. A Maryland native transplanted to Wisconsin, he joined the paper in 2007 as data reporter.