The state Ethics Commission has unanimously named Republican Katie McCallum as its chairwoman for the next two years.

McCallum, of Middleton, succeeds Democrat David Halbrooks in the post. She previously served as the commission’s vice chairwoman.

McCallum is the daughter-in-law of former GOP Gov. Scott McCallum. She is second vice chairwoman on the executive committee for the Republican Party of Wisconsin and previously served as its communications director. Like Halbrooks, McCallum has contributed to political candidates and parties — in her case, Republicans and Republican candidates; and in Halbrooks’ case, Democrats.

The Ethics Commission decided to permit commissioners to make political contributions shortly after it was formed in 2016 — succeeding, along with the Elections Commission, the now-defunct Government Accountability Board.

Legislative leaders and the governor name members to serve five-year terms on the commission, which is divided 3-3 between Republicans and Democrats. McCallum was named by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau.

The Ethics Commission oversees and enforces ethics, lobbying and campaign finance laws and requirements.

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