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The Mount Horeb Village President Randy Littel faces challenger Thomas Orshall in the April 2 election. The term is for two years. Orshall is also running for village trustee and would have to choose one office if elected to both. (I) indicates incumbent.

Randy J. Littel (I)

Age: 55

Address: 704 E. Main St.

Family: Married with two children

Job: Humana, sales

Prior elected experience: Monona City Council member, 1992-2000; Mount Horeb village trustee, 2010-2016; village president, since 2016

Education: Edgewood High School; business administration degree, Madison Business College

Website or email: Not provided

Thomas G. Orshall

Age: 72

Address: 1102 Manor Drive

Family: Widower with two children

Job: Retired federal officer, Department of Veterans Affairs; Mount Horeb bus driver

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Prior elected experience: Village trustee

Other public service: Army veteran

Education: Not provided

Website or email: Not provided


What makes you better qualified than your opponent for this position?

Littel: Having been an elected official in Mount Horeb for nine years as a trustee and now as president, I have an excellent understanding of where we have been and where we are heading. I have worked with the economic development corporation and the chamber to help bring in and secure development for the village. This is a tremendous help for the tax base. My management and skills have been an asset to the village.

Orshall: I would say I am not better then my opponent, but I have more experience.

What is the top issue facing the village and how would you address it?

Littel: Most people would say it’s parking downtown. We have had fantastic growth but with growth we are presented with challenges. We are working to secure the fire district property to address this concern for parking. With that, and other potential sites, we will make our downtown inviting and convenient for all who come to our beautiful village.

Orshall: Growth, but build west not all in the downtown area. Taxes, it is getting to the point that some of our older taxpayers are having a hard time. Social Security goes only so far. Schools and safety are also concerns.

What’s one new way the village could keep property taxes in check?

Littel: We have been able to maintain our services while keeping our taxes very reasonable. Business development is key for our tax base. By utilizing programs such as tax incremental financing districts, we can add to our tax base, thus over time, lessening the burden on home owners. This is very important especially to those on fixed incomes that still want to stay in their homes.

Orshall: The best way is don’t give the village away to big development. Let the little guy or entrepreneur have a chance at the low-interest loans.

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