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Wisconsin State Journal (copy)

Zyronia Mims is again challenging incumbent Dan Carpenter for Seat 6 on the Fitchburg City Council on April 4. Mims also was a candidate for the seat in 2015. (I) indicates incumbent.

Dan Carpenter (I)

Age: 31

Address: 2611 Gallagher Drive #202

Family: Mom, two brothers, sister-in-law, nephew and girlfriend Katherine Dellenbach

Job: Government affairs and communications associate

Political experience: Elected to the City Council in 2013 and re-elected in 2015. I have served as an alder on the Personnel Committee (2013-15) as well as the Finance Committee (2013-present) and Library Board (2013-present).

Other public service: City of Fitchburg Board of Review 1st Alternate, 2012-13. Volunteer for the Wisconsin Historical Society, National History Day, Friends of the Fitchburg Library and Fitchburg Lions Club

Education: Bachelor’s degree in history with a communication minor from UW-Milwaukee

Email or website:

Zyronia Mims

Age: 38

Address: 2522 High Ridge Trail

Family: Daughters Latashay Mims, 24; Patrice Johnson, 16; Dajanea Ivy, 12; son Patrick Johnson, 16; and grandsons David McGuire, 3, and Davion McGuire, 3 months

Job: President and owner of Zy’s Quotations For Bids and Day Labor Firm and CEO and owner of The Safety Nest

Political experience: Ran for Fitchburg City Council in 2015

Other public service: Parks commission for Fitchburg; volunteered at Family Enhancement and Americorps through Operation Fresh Start

Education: HSED, certificate in advanced phlebotomy and labs; some college; mostly self-taught entrepreneur

Email or website:


List three of your top priorities.

Carpenter: 1.) I want to make Fitchburg more affordable for renters, homeowners, businesses, the next generation, as well as seniors and people on fixed incomes. 2.) I want to promote responsible economic development that makes Fitchburg an even better place to work, live, play and raise a family. 3.) We need to redevelop North Fish Hatchery Road through collaboration with residents, as well as the private and non-profit sectors to give this gateway to our city a facelift.

Mims: 1.) Housing: There’s a large turnover in the north corridor of Fitchburg. I will like to see more long-term constituents in this area have ownership. 2.) Transportation: More frequent bus routes throughout Fitchburg to have access to restaurants, businesses, shopping, library and city hall for early voting, paying tickets and attending court. 3.) Job opportunities.

If you could reverse one city action, what would that be?

Carpenter: This is well before my time in Fitchburg and I have the benefit of hindsight, but I would reverse not having our own school district. Being split among three school districts creates unique challenges and makes it difficult for us to have a shared community identity throughout the city.

Mims: The decision not to provide more adequate public transportation for constituents to get around Fitchburg.

How would you change the way the city handles development?

Carpenter: As a current renter, I believe we need to limit our focus on building mostly apartment buildings and make single-family homes more of a priority. Studies show Fitchburg is an expensive place to develop and live, and they also show we have plenty of apartments and not enough single-family homes.

Mims: I will make sure families that reside in the city are provided with what’s needed to give a sense of ownership before allowing more concentrated housing on top of a heavily concentrated community.