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Wisconsin State Journal (copy)

Two candidates are running for a District 3 seat on the Edgerton City Council. The term is for two years.

James Burdick

James Burdick

James Burdick

Age: 61

Address: 17 Blanchard St.

Family: Married to Joan; four children; six grandchildren

Job: Retired with more than 40 years of federal government service, Air Force, U.S. Postal Service, including 26 years in management

Elected experience: None

Other public service: Edgerton Police Commission

Education: Associate degree from UW-Rock County; bachelor’s degree in business administration from UW-Whitewater

Email address:

Paul Davis

Paul Davis

Paul Davis (I)

Age: 54

Address: 341 York Road

Family: Engaged to Ivania; two daughters, Kathryn and Lauren; four grandchildren

Job: Senior service representative, BMO Harris Bank

Elected experience: Edgerton City Council, 2004-2007 and since 2016

Other public service: Chairman, Public Works Committee; city utility commission, finance committee, public works, zoning board of appeals and public Safety

Education: Bachelor’s degree from UW-Eau Claire


List three of your top priorities.

Burdick: 1.) Street repair. 2.) Economic stimulus for the downtown and business park. Working with the arbor committee on improving curb appeal and using connections with local service organizations to reduce costs. 3.) Introduce multi-use trails that connect Edgerton to nearby communities, perhaps from Central Park along Saunders Creek.

Davis: I would like Edgerton to be a thriving self-servicing community. By that I mean, a place where we can provide all or most of the needs of our residents without having to seek them out from the neighboring communities. We need a good mix of business and recreational choices that benefit everyone. I am dedicated to making sure that we have a strong infrastructure. Our roads, sidewalks, parks and buildings need to be maintained and improved.

If you could reverse one city action, what would that be?

Burdick: There was a recent decision by the council to deny a claim put forth by a local business and while I understand the lack of liability, I also, having worked so closely with the public for so many years, understand and know that goodwill speaks volumes.

Davis: I think we need to, not so much reverse, but to re-examine how we are handling our sidewalk issue. For example, we can take another look at saw cutting to alleviate trip hazards caused by rising sidewalks. Now that I have become aware of the process, I do see a lot of it in other communities and feel it may be something for us to consider.

How would you change the way the city handles development?

Burdick: The goal is always to ensure that every dollar the city spends on development is expected to bring a positive return on investment. I believe you have to be willing to take some risk on return and not put your eggs in the same basket over and over. The opportunities lie not just with the “big one we have to land” but also with the many smaller ones looking for a chance. Advertising, networking and connecting with the community and surrounding communities will find those in need of what Edgerton has to offer.

Davis: I believe we are changing how we handle development. Every community wants to encourage development and it can be tempting to allow almost anything just to say we are development friendly. Lately though, we have really given a lot of thought to all the aspects involved in the projects we lend our support to and how we use our tax incremental financing (TIF) funds. We are charged with doing what is best for Edgerton and that comes with a lot of tough decisions. Our current council seems up to that task and I like the progress we are making.