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State Department of Revenue policy analyst Ann DeGarmo and former Fitchburg City Council member Marc Jones are vying for the County Board’s 33rd District seat, which represents parts of Fitchburg. The special election, which is Tuesday, was called after the departure of former Ald. Jenni Dye, who left to work for Gov. Tony Evers.

Ann DeGarmo

Age: 27

Address: 2611 Gallagher Drive, #215, Fitchburg

Family: Engaged

Job: Policy analyst, secretary’s office, Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Prior elected office: None

Other public service: Big sister, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County since 2012

Education: Bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in gender and women’s studies, UW-Madison

Marc Jones

Age: 69

Family: Married with four children, eight grandchildren

Job: Farmer and owner of the Jones Family Farm since 1972 and Jones Construction Co. since 1983; retired from AT&T after 31 years of line construction

Prior elected office: Former Fitchburg Township Board member, at the time of incorporation; former Fitchburg City Council member

Other public service: Former president, Communications Workers of America, Local 4630 while working for AT&T; board member since 2000 and treasurer, Heartland Credit Union.

Education: High school diploma and leadership training with CWA through Ohio State.


What makes you a better choice to represent the district over your opponent?

DeGarmo: My career has led me outside of Dane County to learn from local elected leaders who have to do more with a lot less than we have here. I believe this perspective and experience will be valuable to the Dane County Board as I work to find innovative solutions to the challenges our community faces.

Jones: I feel I am the best candidate because of my experience in local government, running the family farm and running a small business. There are few if any farmers serving on the County Board. I am well rounded in all of the jobs that I do and feel that I can bring common sense to the board.

Dane County Supervisory District 33

What would be your top priorities and why?

DeGarmo: Working to combat climate change. My generation’s success hinges on our ability to move into the future in a sustainable way. Ensuring access to mental health care. Continue to break down the stigma surrounding mental health care and give more folks access to providers. Mental health care is health care and breaking down barriers ultimately makes our community better.

Jones: The budget is the big one; how do we keep services high, while keeping taxes fair to each of us. There are many things on the agenda — roads, jail expansion, expo center expansion, quality of our environment.

What is an issue specific to your district, and how would you work to solve it?

DeGarmo: Fitchburg is a growing and diverse community. Our kids attend three different school districts. Our income levels vary. This makes it hard to develop a shared identity and build community. My focus will be to leverage county resources to meet the diverse needs of our community and work together with all stakeholders as we strive for equity and environmental protection.

Jones: Improving roads and keeping taxes fair are just two of many facing the County Board.

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Shelley K. Mesch is a general assignment reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal. She earned a degree in journalism from DePaul University.