Democrats declare victory in suburban Milwaukee district after new totals

The city of Wauwatosa discovered not all of its ballots had been counted on election night.

A suburban Milwaukee Assembly seat appears to have swung to the Democrats after the city of Wauwatosa discovered that not all of its election results had been reported.

Democrat Robyn Vining declared victory Thursday after the updated totals showed her with a 132-vote margin over Republican Matt Adamczyk, out of roughly 33,000 ballots cast.

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Wauwatosa said Milwaukee County reported it hadn’t received votes from two wards. The updated and verified totals gave Vining a net gain of 153 votes, enough to push her into the lead in the tight race.

Adamczyk, who has served the past four years as state treasurer, didn’t immediately respond to a call to see if he would seek a recount. If the result is confirmed for Vining, it would leave Republicans with a 63-36 edge in the chamber.

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