A day after Dane County officials introduced a resolution that would ban concealed weapons in county buildings, Mayor Paul Soglin released a statement of his intent to enact an ordinance that would require written permission for gun owners to carry a weapon on private property in Madison.

"We will consider ordinances that give the property owners and lease holders a presumption that individuals may not bring firearms onto someone else's property without their permission," Soglin said in a press release.

The statement is a reaction to Senate Bill 90 which passed Tuesday. The bill heads to the Assembly next week and, if passed, would generally legalize concealed carry in Wisconsin unless property owners post signs indicating otherwise. 

The bill would allow local governments to create their own laws regarding concealed carry in public buildings, but it remains unclear as to whether they can enact ordinances that supersede a state law regarding concealed carry on private property.

Sponsor Sen. Pam Galloway, R-Wausau, did not return a call seeking comment Friday evening.

Soglin said in an email to the State Journal that he thought the Constitution favored the rights of property owners over the rights of gun owners.

"I believe that the Wisconsin and United States constitutions give precedent to property rights and therefore the presumption favors the desire of the property owner," Soglin said. "This will probably be decided in the court."

The bill has left room for local governments to enact their own policies on concealed carry in government buildings.

A resolution was introduced at the Dane County Board meeting Thursday that would ban firearms in county buildings. County Executive Joe Parisi called it a matter of both public and county employee safety.

Said Soglin: "We will work with County Executive Joe Parisi and other local leaders to ensure that firearms are not brought onto private or public property without written permission."

Senate Bill 90 is scheduled to be debated in the Assembly on Tuesday.

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