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Kurt Schuller.jpg
Kurt Schuller, a candidate in the State Treasurer's race.

Newly elected State Treasurer Kurt Schuller is expected to announce Wednesday the first step in his farewell tour — a joint resolution that would ax his job from the state constitution.

Schuller, elected in November, campaigned on the odd platform of strategic obsolescence. The office of state treasurer was simply not needed, he argued.

Schuller would not comment on the resolution Tuesday, but according to his spokesman, Ron Giordan, the bill already has a sponsor in the Legislature.

Schuller's move is somewhat surprising, given his reaction to Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal. The two-year spending plan slashes the office's budget from $7.4 million to $4.8 million, severely cuts its staff and takes away most of its duties. If passed, it would accomplish many of the same aims as Schuller's bill.

But the secretary has said that he hoped to "be active and visible and possibly build a credible political resume that shows the voters I can serve in the public interest, then hopefully run for another political office."

That, he feared, would not be possible if the office was severely diminished. But according to Giordan, Wednesday's announcement is just the next step in Schuller fulfilling his campaign promises.

"He has always said there are more efficient ways to do this job," Giordan said.

This is the not the first time someone has proposed doing away with the treasury position. State Rep. Garey Bies, R-Sister Bay, was co-sponsor on a failed attempt in 2005. On Tuesday, he said he still favored the idea.

"It would help us streamline and consolidate government services, which I think most everyone can get behind," Bies said. 

Axing the treasurer position would require a constitutional amendment, which takes passage by two consecutive legislative sessions and a referendum. The earliest the measure could be on the ballot is 2013.

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