Tapper's Bar in Johnson Creek

Customers at Tapper's Bar in Johnson Creek nurse their beer as Donald Trump is sworn in Friday as the 45th President.

JOHNSON CREEK — The closest there was to a protest at Tappers Bar here came from Mike Urban.

The 79-year-old U.S. Air Force veteran from the town of Aztalan booed when U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, took to the podium during Friday’s inauguration ceremony.

As for President Donald Trump, Urban was impressed with his speech and is optimistic about about what the businessman-turned-politician can do for the country.

“I liked his thoughts on what he’s going to do for the country instead of supporting every other country,” Urban said. “I have big hopes.”

Urban was among eight people who sipped 6-ounce, 75-cent taps during the morning happy hour at Tappers, one of the oldest businesses in Johnson Creek. The three televisions are normally tuned to “The Price is Right” between 10 and 11 a.m., but on this day Donald Trump, not Drew Carey, filled the screens.

The village voted in favor of Trump 844-554 in November’s election, while Jefferson County as a whole cast 58.6 percent of its votes for the billionaire.

Marylyn “Motor” Becker has been a bartender at the Milwaukee Street institution for 20 years and said talk has been mixed about Trump’s rise. However, on Friday, most of those who nursed Budweisers, Bud Lights and Pabst Blue Ribbons favored Trump.

“I like what he just said, that the country should be controlled by the people,” said Rich Boltz, 67, of Johnson Creek as he watched Trump deliver his first speech as president. “I think he has a good agenda and good ideas.”

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