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Noose costume

Two people, identified through a Wisconsin State Journal open records request to UW-Madison as Nick and Lee Johnson, wore costumes at the Oct. 29 Wisconsin football game that included masks of Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama with a noose around his neck. Lee Johnson Thursday apologized for "poor judgment" in wearing the costumes. 

One of the men who wore a costume depicting President Barack Obama in a noose to a UW football game last month apologized and said that “there was no racial intent” behind the costumes.

Lee Johnson, one of the two men who wore costumes to the Oct. 29 football game at Camp Randall Stadium, said Thursday that he accepts responsibility for his actions at the game.

He and relative Nick Johnson wore the costumes. One wore masks of Obama and Hillary Clinton in a prison jumpsuit with a rope tied into a noose around his neck, while the other held the rope and wore a Donald Trump mask.

It remains unclear who wore which part of the costume.

In a statement emailed to the Wisconsin State Journal Thursday morning, Lee Johnson apologized for his “poor judgment.”

“I accept FULL responsibility for my actions during the October 29th football game at Camp Randall Stadium. I apologize for the poor judgment of my pre-election/political Halloween costume during the football game. There was no racial intent,” Lee Johnson said.

Further requests for comment from Lee Johnson were not immediately returned.

Lee and Nick Johnson received tickets for the game from two relatives, David and Eric Johnson, who had their season tickets revoked by UW.

David Johnson had given his tickets to relative and fellow season-ticket holder Eric Johnson, who gave them to Lee and Nick Johnson.

Earlier this week, David Johnson had said through attorney Scott Lawrence that he “condemns” Nick and Lee Johnson’s actions.

Lawrence said that his client was informed of the striped jumpsuit part of the costume the night of the game but did not know how offensive the costume was until the following morning when he read about it in the news.

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