On Campus: UW-Madison chancellor takes to Twitter to answer questions about possible split from UW System

On Campus: UW-Madison chancellor takes to Twitter to answer questions about possible split from UW System


UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin took to Twitter Monday night to answer questions about her mission for more freedom from state regulations - known as the New Badger Partnership - and the possibility of UW-Madison splitting from the rest of the UW System.

Here are some selected questions and answers, in 140 characters or less.

Q: Will Gov. Walker have the ability to stop research on stem cell research, regardless of the source of funding?

Martin: It will depend on whether it becomes (an) issue in the leg(islature). Too soon to know if NBP (New Badger Partnership) helps. We will fight hard...


Q: Would a new Board of Regents (or similar body) govern UW? If yes, how much input would the university have on members?

Martin: Yes, every university governed by a Board. University cannot choose own Board, but university alumni play a key role.


Q: how early do you see NBP (New Badger Partnership) happening if all things go as planned?

Martin: If the governor proposes a model of NBP in his bill and the legislature approves it, changes could come July 1.


Q: How will it affect undergrads tuition costs?

Martin: Tuition rates have not been decided. Tuition will no doubt rise, regardless of (New Badger Partnership), to preserve quality of degrees.


Q: I am concerned that we will be losing a gem in terms of a university for our citizens of Wisconsin. Who will be able to afford it?

Martin: (In two tweets) I share your concern about access and affordability, but believe that quality has to be preserved. Financial aid is key...tuition should be competitive with our PUBLIC peers; we need to inform students and families that sticker price and actual cost differ.


Q: UW-Extension historically has been associated with the Madison campus. Will it stay with us?

Martin: UW-Extension has partnerships with many System campuses and the appropriate relationship to UW-Mad needs discussion.


Q: Will NBP influence the acceptance rates at all? 

Martin: By itself NBP would not affect acceptance rates, but gives units opportunities to be entrepreneurial and do more.


Q: It feels like we're abandoning other UW campuses for our own benefit. You understandably, disagree. Elaborate?

Martin: Separation was not the goal, but we can enhance our collaborations and partnerships and share our name forever, regardless.


Q: Where will financial aid come from since Obama cut off Pell Grants?

Martin: Pell grants have gone up overall and now down somewhat. We are raising private funds and other funds as in MIU (Madison Initiative for Undergraduates).

In closing:

Martin: Thank you for your enthusiastic response! We will involve deans, faculty, and other members of the team going forward. On Wisconsin!


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