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Donors support effort to buy school supplies for students in need

Donors support effort to buy school supplies for students in need

School book and apple

A fundraising effort for school supplies led by the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools has raised nearly $97,000 so far.

The supply kits will go to vulnerable students and include some items geared for online learning. They are filled with traditional school staples, including pencils, notebooks, binders, crayons and glue sticks, as well as headphones with built-in microphones for online learning and small whiteboards for students to engage with teachers over video chats.

To help ensure all students in the Madison School District have the supplies and resources necessary to thrive, donations can be made:

Online at

  • .
  • By mailing a check to: Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools, 101 Nob Hill Road, Suite 300, Madison, WI 53713.

Here is a list of donors over the last week:

Betsy Abramson and David Seligman

Suzanne Adler

Jane and William Albert

Ken and Colleen Albrecht

Jennifer Aleckson

Barbara Alvarez

Danny Andersen

Jan Anderson

John Anderson and Alison Turner

Stacy Anderson

Helene Androski

Alice and Andrew Bach

Vivek Balasubramaniam

Diane Barden

Nancy and Dan Battist

Elizabeth and Jeffrey Bauer

Bruce Beck

Donna and George Beestman

Sarah Benn

Cheryl Bentley

James Berbee and Karen Walsh

Karen Best

Terry Bloom

Kelsey Bonney

Marcia Bosscher

Mary Bowman

Sabrina Bradshaw

Michael Brennecke and Mary Laedtke

Karl and Aimee Broman

Sharon Brud

Yvonne and Gary Bushland

Max Carbon

Suzanne and Bruce Card

James Carney

Maggie Carrao

Brenda Casey

Robert Chapman

Claire Chauvette and Henri Reiher

Amy Clements and Carrie Beitlich

Keith and Linda Clifford

Carol and Raymond Clinton

Amy Coad

Justine Coburn

Betty Cohen

Charles Cohen and Christine Schindler

Judith Collins and Neil Lerner

James Connors

Mary Ann and Frank Cook

Richard Corbett

Sally and Tim Corden

Connie E. Cotter

Martha and Timothy Coughlin

Narra Cox

Linda and Peter Crane

Layni Craver

Kathleen and Howard Crook

Diane Crooks

Beverly Crosson and Paul Cook

Robert Cullen

Kathleen and Scott Culver

Heather Curnutt and Stephen Gaffield

Glenn Cushing

Eileen and Steve Dalebroux

David Davis

Tanner Davis

Paula Devroy

Kim Donovan

Susan Dottl

Sally Drew

John Duffy and Bonnie Stewart

George and Regina Dunst

Tim Durfee

William and Donna Dusso

Judith Hagemann Ela

Romaine and Arlene Ellingson

Terry and Karen Emmrich

Jean Espenshade

Kristine Euclide and Douglas Steege

Charles and Lois Evenson

Mary Fahey and Robert Washenko

David and Evelyn Fahrbach

Roberta Felker

Darrell Fleming

Wes and Ankie Foell

Kevin Forgard

Four Miles to May

John Fournelle and Judith Munaker

David and Judith Fowler

Susan Frackman

Leslie Freehill

Leslie Frisinger

Jean and Timothy Gavin

Annie Laurie Gaylor

Allison Gebbie

Gerald Gerstl

Claire Gervais and David Blouin

Lynn Gilbertson-Burke

Cathy and David Gillman

Susan Glad-Anderson

Ann and Dennis Goedken

Dolores and Paul Gohdes

Sue Goldwomon

Brian and Cheryl Goodman

Joy and Rob Gottschalk

Andrew Graf

Diana Greenberg

Evan Groth

Linda Growney

Lisa Grueneberg

Mary and Carl Gulbrandsen

Michael Gustafson

Gary Gustavson

Ken and Delores Haak

Larry Haas

Bill Hantke and Leslie Ladd

Lois Harr

Ed Harris

William Hartje

Kellene Hartmann

Jon Heinrich

Melinda and Mark Heinritz

Elizabeth and Steven Helland

Jerome and Alice Hill

Mark Hinrichs

Thomas and Joyce Hirsch

William Hisgen

Judith and William Hogan

Alice Holbrow

Ginger Hong

Joan Hottinger

Martha Howell

Angie and Derek Hubbard

Penny Hubbard

Gay and David Huenink

Marlene and John Hurst

Beverly Inman

Dianne Jenkins and Denis Collins

Jim Jenkins

Becky Jenn

John Jenson

Amy Johnson

Douglas and Kathryn Johnson

Mary V.H. Jones

Steven and Barbara Kabe

Pamela Kahler

Bruce Kahn

Jane Hammatt Kavaloski and Vincent Kavaloski

Claude Kazanski and Madelyn Leopold

Bethany Keleher

MaryFrances Kelly-Poh

Lee and Arlys Kempf

Penny Kies

Scott Kiley

Teresa and David Kinney

Susan Kittleson

Chris and Marge Kleinhenz

Ted Kloehn

Martin and Janice Knapp-Cordes

Andrew Kohrs

Jean Koppenhaver

Page and Tom Krause

Elaine Kroeger

Peter and Linda Krug

Christina and Dave Kruse

Iris Kurman

Thomas Kurtz

Bradley Ladwig

Jeff Lange and Dolly Marsh

Kathryn and James Leide

Helen LeRoy

Linda Lewis

Kate Lloyd

Diana Longfield

Abigail Loomis and Franklin Court

Tim Lore

Carolyn Love

Cheryl Lutz

Katharine Lyall

Brenda and William Lynch

Bob and Peg Lyons

Stewart Macaulay

Susie Madden

Marynell Mally

Steve Margenau

Greta Martens

Barbara Martin

Ruth and Robert Martin

Lynne and Thomas Martin-Erickson

Robert Mathieu and Margaret Brauer

Helen and Jeffrey Mattox

Brian and Becky Mayhew

Maureen McGilligan-Bentin

Matthew McGrath

Elizabeth McLean

Gillian McLellan

Geoff Merrill

Ruth Meyers

Lisa Miller

Janet and Robert Miner

Marguerite Moeller and Alan Lee

John and Donna Montgomery

Mark and Nancy Moore

Virginia Morales

Melvin Morgenbesser

Michael and Cheryl Moskoff

Patricia Nametz

Gilbert Nathanson and Mary Saecker

Natural Emporium LLC

Deb Neff and Kurt Sladky

Ann and Jerald Nelson

Tonia Neustifter and Ralph Cagle

Brent Nicastro and Nora Cusack

Karen Nielsen

Jane and Roy Noffke

Thomas Nordyke

Jennifer L. Noyes

Diane Nuttycombe

Caitlin O’Connell

Kevin and Cheryl O’Connor

Thomas and Rita O’Connor

Monica Obrien

Cynthia Ofstun

Nancy Oleson

Margaret and Ward Olsen

Martha Olsen

Linda Olson and Craig Hungerford

Janelle and Richard Orth

Bea and Fred Panke

Phillip and Karen Paulson

David and Gretchen Pearson

Bob Pellegrino and Gloria Boone

Erin Peot

Anne Slaughter Perrote

Rick Petershack

Carole and Jim Peterson

Elizabeth and Joyce Peterson

Gary and Mary Peterson

Harry and Sylvia Peterson

Julie Phillips

Jen Plants

Mary Ann and James Polewski

Barbara Pomarnke

Ellen Taylor-Powell and Mark Powell

Bob and Carol Prugh

Alice Punwar

Sharon Quale

Yvonne and Richard Quinlan

Kenneth Quinn and Mary Alderson Quinn

Rebecca Raether

Steven Ralser

Nancy Rathke

Sherry Reames

Martha Reck

Clifford and Claudia Reidel

Jeffrey Renk

Carolyn Ridgely

Christina Ripley and Justin Wanek

Susan Riseling

Elena Robbins

Susan Robey-Bond

Jim and Michele Rohan

Cynthia and John Rolling

Fred and Mary Ross

Eric and Amy Rottier

Jeanette Rutschow

Adam Ryan

Mary and Ronald Ryan

Saint Peter Catholic Church

Linda and Matt Sanders

Ellyn Satter

William Schallert

Kathleen Schmidt

Peg Schmidt

Warren Schmidt

Ruth Schommer

David and Beta Joy Schroder

Luann Schuler

Dale and Beverly Schultz

Sarah Schumacher

Gerald Schwarz

Timo Seppalainen and Celeste Roberts

Erica Serlin

John Sheski

James Shull

Linda Shult

Marianne Siess

Lauren Simonis-Hunter

Teresa Sizer and Mark Miller

Catherine Slichter

Peggy Smelser and Jody McCann

Jamie Smet

Claude and Elaine Smith

Susan and Gregory Smith

Shirley and Dean Spaith

Jack Spear

Robert Stankey

Shirley Stathas

Alison Stawicki

Agnes Steichen

Esther Stewart

Nancy and Thomas Stoebig

Antonia Stoll

Jo Stoll

Mary Strickland

William and Elaine Stroud

Deborah Sullivan

Joan Sumkin and John Butler

Irene and Laverne Swiggum

Al and Mary Thompson

Joanna Thompson

Karen Timberlake

Betsy and Bill Tishler

Kimberly Toops

Robert and Ruth Tormey

Beth Vaade

Joe and Mary Varese

Jeanne Venzke

Regina Vidaver and David Blehert

India Viola

Carol Viviani

Kenneth Walsh

Michael and Beth Walsh

Jacklyn and Richard Wasserburger

Nancy and John Webster

Warren and Marie Weinstein

Susan Welsch

Eric and Kathleen Wendorff

Dan Wittwer

Arleen Wolek and Charles Vetzner

Barbara Wolfe

Carol Wright

Eashan Xavier

Richard and Katie Yde

A. Ross and Judith Zanto

Ann Zanzig

Arlene Zaucha and Sue Goldwomon

Irene and Daniel Zimmerman

Plus 119 anonymous donors


This week’s total: $57,683.00

Total to date: $96,853.50

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