Edgewood Students

Joana Pashaj, left, and Kristin Kiley, seniors at Edgewood High School, were selected to create a project to compare how crystals grow in microgravity in space compared to on Earth.

Two Edgewood High School students' science project will be launched into space Wednesday to take residence in the International Space Station.

Seniors Kristin Kiley and Joana Pashaj won a state competition to grow the biggest and highest quality crystal last year, and their project was chosen to be continued on the space station while in orbit.

Kiley and Pashaj worked with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space and the UW-Madison Molecular Structure Laboratory to devise an experiment to be done at the station based on the optimum growing conditions for their crystal. 

Kiley and Pashaj will be comparing the resulting crystal grown in the micro-gravity of the space station compared to the crystal formed on Earth. 

The project will travel to the space station on the Falcon X rocket, launching from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 

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