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A man convicted of stalking the Dane County prosecutor who won child abuse convictions against his wife will spend 45 days in jail.

Dane County Circuit Judge Sarah O'Brien sentenced Michel "Ki" Moller, 54, of Madison, to three years of probation with the jail time as a condition of probation and told him to stay away from former Assistant District Attorney Karie Cattanach and her family.

"It's important that judges and prosecutors and defense attorneys aren't afraid to do their jobs, and you crossed that line, Mr. Moller," O'Brien said.

A jury last month found Moller guilty of one count of stalking Cattanach in 2010 after she had won child abuse convictions against his wife, Lynn Moller, for incidents that occurred in her home day care.

Moller wrote blog posts and altered photographs that were critical of Cattanach, but he also posted altered pictures of Cattanach's daughter appearing as though she had been abused. Cattanach, now an assistant attorney general, testified that she became increasingly fearful for her family after finding those pictures, along with a picture of her house with her address typed below it, on the Internet.

"I stepped forward and spoke for those who couldn't," Cattanach said Friday of the child victims of Lynn Moller's case, "and the defendant fixated on me and on my family. That crossed the line. That jumped over the line."

O'Brien said it appeared to her that Moller started with legitimate criticism of a public official, "but he took it in a sick direction."

Moller, a computer technician, said that the case cost him his job even before he was convicted and that he's been hired for other jobs only to see them vanish after background checks.

"I'm very, very sorry to Ms. Cattanach," he said. "It really wasn't my intention to frighten her and her family at all. I'm sorry I did those things."

Although O'Brien said that probation, and not prison, was appropriate punishment, she said she wasn't completely comfortable that Moller doesn't pose a danger to the public and required that he also serve the jail time.

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