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The Holy Family painting

This painting of a Pueblo Indian family as the Holy Family was stolen from the Catholic Multicultural Center in February and is still missing.

Madison police are trying to find a print of a painting of Jesus, Mary and Joseph that was stolen from a religious center in February, with the arrested suspect already in jail on an unrelated charge.

The print of the painting "The Holy Family" by the Rev. John Giuliani depicts a Pueblo Indian family as Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and was hanging in the Catholic Multicultural Center, 1862 Beld St., until it was removed from a wall on Feb. 16.

Police used surveillance video to identify Lasandra Matthews, 49, as the suspect, and found her in the Dane County Jail.

"She did not wish to talk about the painting," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

Pawn shops have been checked, but so far the print, valued at $200, has not been found.

"Its value to the center is much more than dollars and cents," DeSpain said.

"The depiction of the Holy Family as a Pueblo family symbolically connects native and Christian people at a facility where those from all walks of life are welcomed and assisted," DeSpain said.

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