Madison squad car very tight crop

A Madison man has been arrested almost four weeks after allegedly driving his car at another man during an argument, hitting the victim with his car before driving away.

Zaim Muqtasid, 49, was arrested Thursday afternoon on tentative charges of first-degree reckless endangering safety and disorderly conduct while armed, Madison police said.

The incident happened May 18 in a parking lot in the 1700 block of Thierer Road.

Muqtasid and a 46-year-old Madison man got into an argument in the parking lot, an argument that escalated when Muqtasid allegedly pulled out a knife and began swinging it at the victim.

"He did not connect with the knife, so he got into his car, accelerated and drove at the victim," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

The victim jumped up as the car was coming near him, landing on the hood before rolling off and striking his head on the pavement.

"An East Side detective identified the suspect in this case and he was arrested Thursday afternoon in the 600 block of North Sherman Avenue," DeSpain said.

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