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Ex-Badgers receiver testifies at his sex assault trial, says women 'know what happened'

Ex-Badgers receiver testifies at his sex assault trial, says women 'know what happened'

Cephus on stand

Quintez Cephus takes the witness stand Friday to testify in his own defense.

Quintez Cephus, the former Wisconsin Badgers wide receiver accused of sexual assaults of two women at his apartment last year, testified Friday that when he and the women arrived at his apartment, one of the women immediately went to his bedroom, summoned him in and removed her clothes, and the other followed behind. 

Cephus said many times that sex with both women was consensual, and said he tried to summon his roommate and teammate, Danny Davis, into his bedroom to take a look because having sex with two women "was something I'd never done before."

He also told Davis to take a photo of the women, one who was in Cephus' bed, the other on the floor. That angered one the woman on the floor, who demanded that the photo be deleted.

"It was really dumb," Cephus said of taking the photo, and he blamed the anger that the picture caused for the legal trouble he now finds himself in.

Cephus, 21, of Macon, Georgia, is charged with second- and third-degree sexual assault of the women, who testified this week that they were extremely intoxicated and did not consent to sex with Cephus. One of the women testified she remembers only "snapshots" of the night and doesn't remember how she got back to her dorm on the UW-Madison campus from Cephus' apartment, which was on Spring Street.

The other woman testified she remembers more about events, but there are still significant gaps in her memory.

Cephus was the first to testify Friday in a string of defense witnesses as testimony in the case winds down. Closing arguments are expected this afternoon, and the case will then go to the jury.

Cephus testified he met the first of the two women for the first time the afternoon before while bowling with Davis and another teammate, A.J. Taylor, who was in an on-and-off relationship with the woman. He said the woman was trying to set him up with her friend, but also told him he was handsome. 

Later that night, they met up at the Double U bar on University Avenue, where Cephus said that as always, he did not drink. He said the first woman he met introduced him to her friend, "and for the rest of the 20 to 30 minutes (at the Double U) she was attached to me." He said he didn't see the two women drink much. 

He said the woman pulled at him and tried to kiss him, but he does not like to kiss in public, which he later said on cross-examination is "disgusting." Cephus said that woman kept putting her hands on him, "and I was kind of holding her hand down, telling her no."

When he declined a drink because he was driving, he said, one of the women told him she wanted to go to his apartment for a "sleepover."

On the way to his apartment, Cephus testified, the first woman touched him from the back seat while he was driving, and they held hands. And once there, he was soon in the bedroom with the two women. He said he didn't remove the clothing from either woman. He said he had sex with one of them, then a short time later had sex with the other. Both had asked him to get a condom, which he said he did.

He said the women later got into an argument, causing one of them to abruptly leave the apartment. The group still at the apartment went to look for her and later found her at her dorm room, after dropping off the other woman at her dorm.

Cephus said the woman who had left was making Easy Mac when they got to her dorm. Others who testified have said the woman was in her bed, and the woman testified Wednesday that she was groggy and didn't know who Cephus and Davis were when they came to her dorm room.

A text message exchange between Cephus and the woman started at 2:44 a.m., Cephus said, while Cephus was still at the woman's dorm room and was getting the woman's phone number. It continued after he and Davis and left, Cephus testified. The woman said Wednesday that she doesn't remember sending the messages. 

On cross-examination by Assistant District Attorney William Brown, Cephus admitted he lied to police when he said initially that he had taken the photo because he didn't want to get Davis in trouble for something he told Davis to do. He also said both he and Davis testified for the first time this week about a statement one of the women made after the photo was taken, something neither had told police in prior interviews.

Asked by Brown whether Cephus believed the women were "plotting" against him, he said they "could have been."

He also maintained that despite saying they were intoxicated, "they knew what they were doing." When Brown asked whether it was Cephus' responsibility to know whether the women were sober enough to consent to sex, he replied, "They know what happened."

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