Police siren lights light bar squad car

A 14-year-old Madison boy known to police as a prolific auto thief was arrested again on Tuesday for an auto theft that happened in September, the arrest based on DNA found on the crashed SUV's airbag.

The teen was tentatively charged in the Sept. 25 case with operating a motor vehicle without the owner's consent, hit and run, reckless driving endangering safety and various traffic violations, Madison police said.

The crash happened at the intersection of Mineral Point Road and South Gammon Road, and was caught on surveillance video.

The Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory tested the airbag for DNA and came up with the evidence.

"The arrested teen is well known by police and other area law enforcement agencies as being prolific when it comes to vehicle thefts," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain

"He has suffered significant injuries in three crashes involving stolen cars, although he was not hurt in this case."

The crashed SUV was taken during a home burglary.

"The burglary has taken a significant emotional toll on the family," DeSpain said. "In fact, so much so that as a result of the crime, they no longer felt safe in their home and decided to move."

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