Four Madison men, including three previously convicted of assaulting children, were charged on Friday with sexually assaulting a teenager earlier this month.

Stephon Hiler, 22, James Phillips, 32, Reginald Patton, 25, and Nathan Thompson, 18, allegedly sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl at a town of Blooming Grove residence designated as emergency housing for men monitored by the state Department of Corrections.

The four were charged with second-degree sexual assault of an intoxicated victim.

Thompson was charged with three counts of felony bail jumping and one count of misdemeanor bail jumping. Hiler, Phillips and Patton each had their bail set at $25,000 on Friday. Thompson’s bail was set at $35,000.

Hiler, Phillips and Patton lived at the DOC house at the time of the alleged assault and are registered sex offenders after convictions of second-degree sexual assault charges involving children, while Thompson is in a bail monitoring program, according to court documents. The assault allegedly took place sometime in the late evening on July 7 or early morning on July 8.

According to the criminal complaint:

The girl told a detective that on the evening of July 7 she and a friend ran into someone she knew named “Nate.” He gave her the drug Ecstasy while she and others drove around and smoked marijuana. The girl, Nate and another man were later dropped off at the residence where the alleged assault occurred.

Nate told the girl to go inside the house to wait for his uncle — the complaint doesn’t clarify who he was referring to or why. He then took her to the basement of the house, where the alleged assault took place.

Phillips and Patton were wearing ankle bracelets, which authorities used to confirm that the men were in the house when the alleged assault took place.

A social worker assigned to Thompson confirmed that he also was required to wear a GPS bracelet. Data reports from the bracelet showed that Thompson was also at the residence at the time of the alleged assault.

When the girl returned to her home after the alleged assault, she said she immediately contacted authorities.

Phillips admitted to police that he, along with at least three other men, had sex with the girl. He told police that the men acted like they thought the assault was just a game.

A preliminary hearing for the four men is scheduled for Thursday.

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