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One of four men charged with the sexual assault of an intoxicated 17-year-old girl last year at a town of Blooming Grove home pleaded guilty Monday to second-degree sexual assault.

Under a plea agreement, prosecutors can ask for a 20-year prison sentence for Stephon Hiler, 23, of Madison, who is currently serving a separate sentence for a Racine County sexual assault conviction. Deputy District Attorney Rachel Sattler said the new sentence would not begin until Hiler finishes that sentence, under the agreement.

Hiler — along with James Phillips, 33, and Reginald Patton, 26 — was living in a home designated as emergency housing for men monitored by the state Department of Corrections when the assault occurred in the late evening or early morning of July 7 or July 8. All three were on supervision at the time for sexual assault convictions involving children.

According to a criminal complaint, the girl told police that she and a friend ran into someone named “Nate,” who she said gave her the drug Ecstasy while she, Nate and others drove around and smoked marijuana. They were later dropped off at the home.

The fourth man charged in the case is Nathan J. Thompson, 19.

Phillips, Patton and Thompson are scheduled to stand trial in September.

Dane County Circuit Judge Nicholas McNamara will sentence Hiler in about two months after a state Department of Corrections pre-sentence report is finished. Hiler faces up to 25 years in prison and 15 years of extended supervision.

According to DOC records, Hiler is scheduled to remain in prison until at least 2021 after his supervision for second-degree sexual assault of a child in Racine County was revoked in November, following the charge in the Dane County sexual assault case.


Ed Treleven is the courts reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal.