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More than a year after charges were filed against four other men, a fifth man was charged Friday with felony murder for his role in the shooting death of a Madison man during a May 2017 robbery inside his North Side apartment.

Glenn B. Shead, 32, of Sun Prairie, went to the Northport Drive apartment of Michael Meaderds to buy drugs and to signal to four others that it was time to burst into the apartment to rob Meaderds, according to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court.

Meaderds, 33, was shot to death during the May 30, 2017, incident. Within weeks, four men were charged with felony murder for his death and the robbery that led to it. In May, Odum Carter, 32, of Sun Prairie, who is believed to have shot Meaderds, pleaded guilty to felony murder. Devon Davis, 27, pleaded guilty in May to armed robbery. Steven T. Johnson, 27, of Madison pleaded guilty to armed robbery earlier this week, and Emmanuel J. Johnson, 31, of Madison, is scheduled for a plea hearing on Sept. 11.

Shead, who was also charged with armed robbery, is being sought on a warrant.

According to the complaint:

On May 30, about two weeks after his plea hearing, Davis met with investigators and said that Shead was with him, Emmanuel Johnson, Steven Johnson and Carter before going to Meaderds’ apartment. He said that Shead was to go first and buy a drug called “Molly,” related to ecstasy but not always the same substance, from Meaderds.

The plan, Davis said, was for Carter to be on the phone with Shead during the transaction so that Carter would hear Shead getting ready to leave Meaderds’ apartment. That would allow the other group to enter the apartment. Davis said that Shead had bought drugs from Meaderds before and gave Carter information about Meaderds’ dealing habits and where he lived.

Davis told police that the group, including Shead, was in Carter’s vehicle before the robbery. Shead said that Meaderds had been calling him and currently had “Molly.” Carter told Davis that it was a great opportunity, which Davis took to mean an opportunity to rob Meaderds.

Shead got into a separate vehicle so that it wouldn’t look suspicious, and the larger group followed Shead to Northport Drive.

Once at the Northport Drive apartment, Shead told Carter he was going inside and said that the door was rigged so that all he had to do was press any button and the exterior door would open automatically. Shead went inside and bought “Molly” from Meaderds.

Davis said he heard the transaction wrapping up over Carter’s phone, and Carter got out of his vehicle. Davis said Shead believed that Meaderds also had pounds of marijuana in his apartment. The robbery was a “spur of the moment” decision, however, Davis said.

“It wouldn’t have happened without (Shead),” Davis told police. “There’s no other way without (Shead).”

Steven Johnson also discussed Shead’s role with police and said he believed that Emmanuel Johnson and Carter knew Shead.

When they burst into the apartment, he said, Shead was trying to leave, but they pushed him back inside. Steven Johnson said he was pointing a gun at Meaderds when he heard a gunshot and Meaderds fell. Johnson then searched Meaderds’ pockets and struck him several times with the gun and with his fist.

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Ed Treleven is the courts reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal.