Ray Young’s relationship with his new dentures didn’t exactly work out, and the break-up between Young and his dentures’ maker could have been as equally fraught — but for a little help from SOS.

Young, 86, of Sun Prairie, got the new set of uppers from the Madison office of the national dental chain Aspen Dental on March 27, and said they immediately began causing him problems.

Eating hurt and over the next two months, he brought them in twice for adjustments and then for what’s called a “re-line” — in which the dentist reshapes the underside of the denture to fit more comfortably against the gums.

Then on June 1, the dentures cracked, Young said, so he took them in, got them fixed and found they worked pretty well — until they cracked again two days later.

It was at this point that Aspen decided it was no longer interested in having Young as a client, Young reported, but it refused to give him a receipt for returning the dentures and only wanted to refund approximately $1,300 of the approximately $1,500 he paid for them.

Young on June 10 gave SOS the name of the assistant Aspen manager he had been dealing with, SOS called her, she helpfully agreed to call Young shortly thereafter and later that same day he and his son went into Aspen’s office to hash things out.

The result? Young said he was promised a refund of about $1,400 — which he decided was fair — and a receipt for the returned dentures.

Lest readers assume this was merely a case of a miscommunication between Young and Aspen over the technicalities of the sale and return of the dentures, Young was adamant: “There was no miscommunication previously.”

His son, Tony, agreed. After SOS’ admittedly minor effort, “They pretty much did everything that my dad wanted,” he said.

SOS reached out to the helpful assistant officer manager on June 11, who said she didn’t want to “say the wrong thing” and passed the phone over to someone else, who, when SOS asked for Aspen’s side of the story, didn’t offer anything more than to confirm Young and his son’s visit and to say the situation had been taken care of.

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