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Prairie Park senior apartments

The Prairie Park apartments in Madison.

Eight months after flooding forced the evacuation of a Southwest Side Madison seniors apartment complex, the landlord and some former tenants are still mopping up the consequences.

The Prairie Park apartments are dry by now, but regular readers of this newspaper might remember tenants were not always happy with the complex’s management company or its response to historic August rains that flooded the complex’s basement parking garage and forced residents out of their units for up to a month.

One former tenant turned to SOS in January to get back her security deposit and other money the management company owed her. Another turned to SOS earlier this month, saying that although she moved out of the complex Feb. 28, apartment manager Greystone & Co. was still charging her for March and had yet to return her security deposit.

Cathy Coady said she returned her keys and garage remote control when she moved out, gave the manager her new address and phone number, and asked for her security deposit, but that the manager “pretty much slammed the door on me.”

When the deposit never arrived, she contacted SOS.

SOS contacted Greystone spokeswoman Karen Marotta on April 1 with the situation and a day later she said the company was sending Coady her money — although her explanation differed from Coady’s.

“Ms. Coady (via her moving company) returned her keys to the property on March 7, hence triggering a bill for that month,” Marotta said in an email. “Understanding in good faith that she vacated February 28, her refund/security was overnighted to her forwarding address today.”

SOS found out April 8 that the $350 security deposit had been safely delivered and deposited into Coady’s bank. The company is no longer asking her to pay March’s rent, Marotta said.