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Each municipality can purchase their own stickers to distribute to voters.

Q: Who is responsible for buying the “I voted” stickers to hand out during elections?

A: Each municipality buys their own stickers, Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell said, but it is not a requirement.

For the city of Madison, the funds for the stickers come from the City Clerk’s Office election supply budget. City Clerk Maribeth Witzel-Behl said election officials had requested the “I voted” stickers for years.

“I told them they would earn ‘I voted’ stickers when every single polling place submitted complete Election Day paperwork,” Witzel-Behl said.

Election officials at polling places in Madison then improved their documentation, Witzel-Behl said, and were able to compile complete paperwork with no missing signatures, data or seal numbers within a few years of the improvements.

She said she doesn’t remember the exact year she began purchasing the stickers for distribution, but estimates that it was about six or seven years ago.

Sun Prairie, however, decided not to hand out stickers, City Clerk Elena Hilby said.

Although Hilby likes the stickers personally, she said, one of the polling places in Sun Prairie asked not to have the stickers distributed there because they were being found stuck to floors, walls and other places.

“Since we are allowed to use our polling locations at no charge, we feel it’s important to respect their wishes,” Hilby said.

— Shelley K. Mesch

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Shelley K. Mesch is a general assignment reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal. She earned a degree in journalism from DePaul University.