Just Ask Us: Leaves

For those that live in Madison, fallen leaves can be left at drop-off sites in the city or in a pile for city workers to collect. Otherwise, fallen leaves can be turned into mulch, compost or mold. 

Q: What can I do with all the leaves falling in my yard?

A: Fallen leaves blanketing yards and sidewalks can be left for Madison city workers, brought to a drop-off site or turned into mulch or compost.

The city’s program started Oct. 1 and has already concluded in parts of Madison.

To see a collection schedule: Go to go.madison.com/collection-schedule.

Leaves left for curbside pick up should be placed on a terrace or at the road edge — not on a road — 4 feet from obstructions such as utility poles and fire hydrants, according to the city.

Madison residents can also bring fallen leaves to one of three drop-off sites in the city. The sites are located at 1501 W. Badger Road on the Southwest Side, 4602 Sycamore Ave. on the East Side and 402 South Point Road on the Far West Side.

For those who live in Madison or want an alternative to leaf collection or dumping, the city suggested turning the leaves into mulch, compost, leaf mold or garden cover. For more information on those suggestions: Go to go.madison.com/leaves.

The city said leaves left on the street or on curbs can eventually end up in Madison’s lakes and lead to algae growth in the summer, adding that using leaves as mulch or compost could lead to a healthier yard while minimizing the number of leaves that end up in the lakes.

For more information on Madison’s collection program: Go to go.madison.com/leaf-collection.

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