Until Tuesday, the last crash of a Wisconsin Air National Guard plane was in 1995. The Guard operates at Truax Field adjacent to the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison.

June 25, 1995

An F-16 fighter-bomber crashes in Trempealeau County while on a training mission originating in Madison. Capt. John Wasserburger safely ejects. The jet crashes in woods about 300 yards from a farmhouse.

March 30, 1994

An Air National Guard F-16 crashes at Madison’s Truax Field. Lt. Michael Wahlin ejects and is slightly injured.

May 21, 1985

An Air National Guard "Phantom" fighter jet returning to Volk Field crashes in a marsh northeast of Arena. The pilot and the weapons systems officer parachuted to safety. Several of Arena's 450 residents watched the jet skim over the village and plummet into the marsh near the Wisconsin River.

June 15, 1964

F-89 Scorpion jet crashes during takeoff at Truax, killing a radar observer.

April 1963

F-102 crashes through a barrier at end of runway at Truax. No fatalities.

May 5, 1958

F-102A fighter jet fails and crashes into Lake Monona west of Olbrich Park, killing the pilot.

March 1, 1958

T-38 jet trainer crashes in a swamp north of Truax shortly after takeoff, killing pilot Raymond H. Varnum Jr.

March 14, 1957

F-102A runs out of fuel on a training flight. The pilot bails out near Ashton Corners north of Middleton and is not seriously injured.

July 5, 1955

Lt. John P. Churchill circles his faltering F-86 away from Highway 51 to avoid hitting cars and skids the plane to a stop along the grass turf at Truax Field. He escapes injury.

June 1954

F-89C Scorpion jet crashes and explodes near Gest’s Corners, Highways 51 and 19, killing the pilot.

March 29, 1954

F-86D Sabre crashes in the front yard of a house on Highway CV. No fatalities.

Nov. 23, 1953

F-89C Scorpion crashes in the Arboretum shoreline of Lake Wingra, killing the pilot and radar observer.

Nov. 3, 1953

An F-86 Sabre and F-89 Scorpion collide in mid-air. One plane attempts to make it back to Truax but crashes in a farm field near Deerfield, injuring the pilot. The other plane crashes near Watertown, injuring the pilot and killing the radar operator.

Oct. 11, 1953

A National Guard propeller plane crash-lands at Truax, injuring the pilot.

Jan. 30, 1953

Four jet interceptors take off from Truax in a blinding snowstorm. All four are unable to find the field during the return trip, run out of fuel and crash. Two pilots bail out, while two others are killed.

Sept. 21, 1952

A C-47 transport plane approaching Truax Field crashes into an auto on Highway 51, killing all four of the car’s occupants.

Sept. 9, 1952

An F-51 fighter plane crashes in flames at Truax, spraying the area with 600 rounds of .50-caliber slugs. Nine houses are struck and two people are injured by the bullets.

February 1952

An F-80 Shooting Star crashes in a farm field near Cottage Grove, killing the pilot.

Compiled by Dennis McCormick. Source: State Journal archives

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