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Top dogs: The 20 most popular dog breeds in Madison
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Top dogs: The 20 most popular dog breeds in Madison

There's been a lot of talk recently about the health benefits of owning a dog.

From the correlation between an increase in exercise and cardiovascular health among dog owners, to improved mental well-being from constant companionship, some might find it hard to argue against adding a furry friend, or 10, to the family. 

In Madison -- a city with beautiful, sprawling dog parks and a number of pup-friendly patios and pubs -- there's "ruff-ly" one licensed canine for every 20 people. But what is the breed of choice for Madisonians? 

To determine the city's top breeds, we reached out to the city treasurer's office to obtain a full list of licensed canine residents in 2018, along with their breed and other identifying factors. Mr. Dog, a male American Staffordshire terrier and member of the pit bull family, received our vote for "best name."

We then pored over the list to figure out the city's top 20 breeds.

Our list doesn't include mixed breeds without a specific designation. (We're not snobs; we used the information available to us.) With that said, here are the top five ambiguous breed designations we received from the city: 

  • No. 1: "Unknown" - 324 registered in Madison
  • No. 2: "Mix" - 191 registered in Madison
  • No. 3: "Labrador mix" - 180 registered in Madison
  • No. 4: "Terrier mix" - 155 registered in Madison 
  • No. 5: "Hound" - 136 registered in Madison 

Take a look at the list below for more information on Madison's top 20 breeds. 

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