Dear Doc: My daughter-in-law from Seattle doesn’t want my grandchild to get immunized. She’s read that autism comes from shots. I know she’s wrong. What should I do? — J.Z. from Minneapolis

Dear J.Z.: You bet she’s wrong. Polio, meningitis, chicken pox, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B — the list goes on and on with diseases that have become, for most children, a thing of the past thanks to vaccinations.

The doctor who started the rumor about a link between shots and autism, well, he lost his medical license from faking data but still gets paid to lecture and spread these terrible lies.

Not getting your kids their shots is harmful. It’s parental neglect. It’s stupid. What more can I say?

Dear Doc: A few months back, you complained about an Airbnb place not having smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, fire extinguishers and a safety kit. If you go to the website, these things are listed under the heading “amenities.” You’re giving misinformation. And you’re wasting both your time and the host’s time with needless questions. Please stop. — S.M. from Buffalo

Dear S.M.: Thanks for filing me in. I didn’t think of safety as an “amenity.” An amenity is “a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place.” I think of these items as more of a necessity.

The study I was discussing was a “flash” study, not an exhaustive statistical sample. It was useful in reminding people that some Airbnb hosts don’t have the safety features that others do. I don’t think checking this out is a waste of time, but rather a necessary step.

Hi, Dr. Z: A while back, I read your column about the good and the awful veggie burgers. Many are made with eggplant, which I think of as “uuuggghhh.”

I make my own. There are many websites, vegetarian and gluten-free, too, that show how to make them. You can use lentils, whole-grain oats, flax seeds, caramelized onion, spices. It takes a bit of time, though you can make the mixture a day in advance, refrigerate, and then cook the next day. It’s delicious and worth it — and includes all the things we’re told to eat. Enjoy! Great column. — W, from Sun Valley, Idaho

Dear W: Thanks for the update. I never thought about making my own veggie burgers but that makes sense. I make other things and freeze them so why not veggie burgers?

Years ago when our kids were young and involved in soccer, we realized having four kids in soccer was a lot. I calculated my wife, Penny, and I went to a million soccer games. Uh, huh. Every month or so, I’d get a ton of chicken — thighs, drumsticks and breasts — put them in the oven and bake. Then I would make four different sauces.

The next step was to take a pint-size freezer bag and put in chicken and a sauce and seal it up. That way, when we came home from one of our many soccer games or soccer practices, we would defrost the frozen chicken and warm it up, boil up some noodles or couscous or maybe put rice in the rice cooker, open up a bag of salad — and enjoy a solid home-cooked meal instead of frozen pizza.

Your point is well-taken. Having veggie burgers in the freezer means you’ll use them. In our house, they’ll be next to the brats. Stay well.

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