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Dr. Zorba Paster: Get off your duff and test for colon cancer

Dr. Zorba Paster: Get off your duff and test for colon cancer

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Dear Doc: I’m a 50-year-old guy who needs a colonoscopy — at least that’s what my doctor and my wife say. I exercise, I eat right, I have no family history of colon cancer, and I hate the idea of drinking all that stuff. Any suggestions? — BC from Manitowoc

Dear BC: Yes, drinking all that stuff is a drag, but having colon cancer is a bigger drag, believe me. The present recommendation is to have this test every 10 years, but that might be too often. A landmark study showed that having a single negative screening colonoscopy was associated with a 9% reduced colorectal cancer incidence and mortality for up to 17 years.

Current guidelines recommend a 10-year interval between negative screening colonoscopies for average-risk adults. This recommendation is based on estimates of time between the development of a precancerous adenoma and cancer. This study looked was a biggie — it followed more than 165,000 patients over time.

Now if you don’t want a colonoscopy you can do a fecal immunochemical stool test, the FIT test. When done yearly it is nearly as good as a colonoscopy in normal-risk people. Then there is Exact Sciences’ Cologuard — it’s a DNA test done on your stool. The present recommendation is to do it every three years.

Now there is something on the horizon — a blood test called CellMax. Preliminary research shows that testing blood for three distinct cancer markers had a 90% sensitivity for picking up colon cancer. The test involves detecting gastrointestinal cancer cells that are circulating in the blood. Clearly this would be game changer.

My spin: There are many ways you can test for colon cancer — what’s important is to get off your butt and get it done.

Dear Doc: Six months ago I had deviated septum surgery. Since I have had the surgery, my nose feels plugged up. I go to blow it and I get air out but no snot. If I snort my nose I can hack it out. I do this all day spitting it out into Kleenex. My nose is dry and I have little taste or smell. I breathe through my mouth now, especially if I am doing any activity. I have gone back to the ear, nose and throat specialist. The first visit he said everything was fine and I couldn’t have those symptoms. The second visit he loaded me up with antibiotics, prednisone pack and nose spray. It was no better when I went back for third visit. He did a scan and said everything looks fine. This visit he adjusted my twice-a-day neti-pot rinse. It is still snort and hack all day. I have lost all quality of life and am physically worn out.

Do you have any suggestions or know of anything that will help me? Thank you so much. — CW from Spokane Valley, Washington

Dear CW: Whew. You are clearly suffering — and those extra visits to your doc didn’t seem to help at all. Looks to me like you had the whole nine yards — antibiotics, steroids, nasal sprays, scans and you’re still having problems.

Unfortunately this can be the case with nasal and sinus symptoms — where you’ve done everything but nothing seems to work. In these situations I ask myself, “What would I do if it were me or one of my family.”

I would get a second opinion. I would go to an academic institution where problems like this are vetted out. And you have that in Spokane — the Elson Floyd College of Medicine, which is part of the Washington State University. It’s a good place to start. Your problem is not a simple one: That’s where a tertiary institution comes into play.

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