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The Burgrito hamburger-burrito mashup with fries said goodbye to Madison.

Burgrito's, which opened on Monroe Street in March selling its signature hamburger-burrito mashup as well as more typical burgers and burritos, closed after almost seven months.

Darin Laby, who owns the business with his brother, Lawrence Laby, said there were a few reasons the Madison location didn't work out.

The main reason was that the restaurant, 1835 Monroe St., didn't catch on.

"I would say lack of sales," he said, laughing. The nine-month reconstruction of Monroe Street that started a few days before the restaurant opened, didn't help either, he said.

"If I had an issue a statement, I would say that the sales weren't there to support a store, and construction certainly was probably a factor in that," Laby said.

In the beginning the store did a good amount of delivery, he said.

Madison was Burgrito's fifth location and the only one outside New York. When the Madison location opened there was a Burgrito's in Brooklyn and three on Long Island.

Now, it's just the original Long Island shop, which opened in 2015. "The remote stores didn't work out for us," Laby said.

It wasn't that the concept is too bizarre for most people, Laby said.

"No, they get it here," he said about the original store. "They come from all over ... The other locations, for probably various reasons, just didn't work out. That happens."

Laby, who's wife went to UW-Madison, said he hopes the next tenant can do well in the Monroe Street space. "The street will be nice. It's a nice street now that they've paved it."

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