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1847 at the Stamm House is closing for a short time to go back to basics.

The owners of 1847 at the Stamm House are closing at the end of the month to retool and give people in the Middleton area more of a super club experience.

While the restaurant enjoyed a loyal base of support, the higher-end menu wasn't working, said Troy Rost, who with Jim Hagstrom owns the building and the business. 

The partners reopened the historic Middleton restaurant at 6625 Century Ave., in May 2015 after painstakingly renovating it over two years. They put 1847 in the name to reflect the year the building was built.

"People have gone there for so many generations, they kind of have an expectation of the experience they are going to have there," Rost said. "And we're really trying to be thoughtful of the public and the experience they want in that building."

Rost, who also owns the building that houses the small but popular restaurant Forequater in Madison, acknowledges that he and Hagstrom are new to the restaurant business and are just working through how to make the Stamm House successful. 

Their executive chef Nick Johnson, well-known from 43 North and the former Restaurant Magnus, meanwhile, said he is moving to Julep and the other Robinia entities on East Washington Avenue. Johnson gave notice and Rost and Hagstrom are currently looking for a new chef. 

"We're trying to give the Middleton public what they want in that building, and still keep the quality of the food really high," Rost said.

The restaurant is closing July 23. Rost said they hope to find a new chef and reopen by Sept. 1.  

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