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Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, Khmer and Thai Cuisine, at 602 S. Park St., closed, but plans to reopen serving Chinese food. 

A new Cambodian restaurant that opened last month on Park Street reopened Sunday after a shake-up closed it for almost a week.

Thao Nuon closed Angkor Wat, Khmer and Thai Cuisine, at 602 S. Park St., last Tuesday after his partner left.

First he said his partner, Jiank Hu, had a family emergency in China that forced him to close. Then he said his partner quit the venture. Jiank could not be reached for comment. 

Nuon said he couldn't operate without Jiank because Jiank handled the money used to pay his staff and the contractors who helped him open Oct. 19. "He hold(s) the key," Nuon wrote in a text message.

Nuon reopened after some reorganization and said his landlord Jiang Jing Xun has taken a bigger role.

Jiang and his family own many area Chinese and Japanese restaurants or their buildings.

Nuon said he's retrained his staff and managers and made menu changes "to better serve our customers."

"Food is great!" he wrote. "The restaurant is perfect. People are so happy."

Nuon, who most recently worked as a translator, but was once a chef at Imperial Garden in Middleton, said Angkor Wat is the first Cambodian restaurant in Wisconsin.

The restaurant -- located in what was recently Inka Heritage -- offers Khmer, or Cambodian food, as well as Thai food, although the two cuisines are similar.

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