Here are the top-rated beers on for each of the major breweries and brew pubs in the Madison and south-central Wisconsin areas.

Note: We used the "weighted average" for the beers to determine which one was the highest rated at each brewery. The "mean" and "weighted" scores are the averages of site users' ratings for each beer out of 5 possible points. The "overall score" for each beer represents the beer's performance relative to all beers on the site, while "style score" represents the beer's performance relative to other beers in the same style. Click here to learn more about's ratings methodology.

Other terms: Estimated calories are per 12-ounce serving. "ABV" indicates the alcohol by volume for the beer. IBU stands for "International Bittering Unit" and is a standard scale used to measure hop bitterness on a scale from 0 to 100.

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