Taste gets all the attention, but great beer really can delight four of the five senses.

There's a beer's color and clarity, beckoning from the glass. There's aroma, where a deep inhale can hint at the flavor to come or bring wonders of its own. There's flavor, of course, tickling the taste buds. But after the sip, there's also how a beer feels in your mouth, dry or creamy, thin or full, fizzy or flat.

Brewers put a lot of effort into each one of these dimensions of a beer, so if you're really going to appreciate beer, you've got to stop drinking it out of the bottle or can. Without a pour into a glass, you're almost entirely ignoring sight and smell, and shortchanging flavor to boot, because a large portion of taste is derived from smell.

Let's take a look at eight different glasses you should own to enhance your beer-tasting experiences.

-- Beer Baron Chris Drosner