“A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” is a killer hit show or as tour director Peggy Hickey likes to say — “it’s like Downton Abbey meets death."

Hickey, who choreographed the show on Broadway, came back to the show to direct its latest national tour.

“It was not expected to be the big hit it was," Hickey said. "We are continually surprised that audiences were so happy with it and it continues to have such wonderful business around the world.”

The 2014 Tony Award winning best musical is centered around Monty, a young man who learns that he is an heir to a large family fortune. Upon discovering his previously unknown lineage, he sets out to earn his fortune by way of offing the eight D’Ysquith family members ahead of him.

All of these things are “done with a wink," the D’Ysquith descendants are “odious” and it’s all comical in a bizarre way, Hickey said.

Deaths are made funnier by the fact that all of the D’Ysquith heirs are played by the same actor.

“Gentleman’s Guide” ran on Broadway from Nov. 2013 to Jan. 2016 and has not lost its spark even without the original cast, Hickey said.

“It never ceases to entertain and charm,” she said.


Amanda Finn is an arts and lifestyle reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal.