Infinitus. It means boundless, without end. It also means unfinished, that there is work yet to be done.

There is much to celebrate when it comes to Greater Madison’s economic acceleration. We are a region of momentum with seemingly boundless potential. That is reflected in the companies you will hear from in the following pages, with missions ranging from cancer prevention to personal care and wellness, from cybersecurity to bike sharing. Yet we face significant challenges. Advanced industry-based economies empower, but they also divide. We have already seen rapid increases in inequity in cities on a similar trajectory as us.

Last year, the Chamber brought Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Mark Muro to Madison for our annual State of the Sector event. Muro shared new data showing Greater Madison continues to find itself in elite company when it comes to technology and advanced industry momentum. We are just one of 11 major metros increasing our national share of digital services jobs in recent years, and we are also one of only 11 major metros achieving what Brookings defines as “inclusive growth,” meaning gains in employment and median wage and relative poverty declines for both whites and people of color since 2010.

That progress is encouraging. However, Brookings also found Greater Madison still shows lagging indicators on income inequality, gender inequities and mobility, particularly for people of color. In Greater Madison, prosperity is not always inclusive.

In order to solve our challenges – to realize our limitless possibilities – we must draw out the talent and wisdom of everyone in our community, both inside and outside our networks. Change can only be achieved through coordinated action: equal parts access, inclusion and mobility combined with intentionality and progress. With coordinated action, we achieve collective impact.

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This Tuesday at Monona Terrace, the Chamber will bring together more than 1,000 business and community leaders for our 67th Annual Dinner. World-renowned philanthropist, innovator and best-selling author Jean Case, Chair of the National Geographic Society and CEO of the Case Foundation, will discuss the principles laid out in her new book, “Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose,” and give us the roadmap to bring about transformational breakthroughs by pushing boundaries and overcoming fear to discover the edges of what is possible. That changemaking is about more than being – it is about doing.

Fortunately, transformational change and coordinated action are woven into our DNA – and have been for generations. The Madison city creed adopted in 1915 states, “I believe in Madison, the four-lake city… I believe in her ability to become the future, a city of even greater influence and power… where co-operative competition shall be the ideal in trade… where each and every citizen shall be a community builder in fact, as now in name.”

For the third year, we present to you in this section companies that are part of our collective story of cooperative competition, building a better community and Greater Madison’s ability to become the future. We work toward solving our challenges not because it makes us feel better but because it makes US better.

Our presence in this community is not enough; we must all take part in shaping what is to come. That is the difference between being and doing. It is time to shift our perspective. The time for ME-centric participation is over. The future requires WE-centric collaboration.

Because ME is finite. WE – all of US – are infinite. Discover 18 incredible companies unlocking the INFINITE potential of US.

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