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In 2019, it is estimated that a ransomware attack takes place every 14 seconds. When businesses fall victim their operation comes to a grinding halt. To help businesses respond and quickly recover, Gillware's incident response team breaks the mold with their approach.

Ransomware continues to bring businesses of all sizes to a grinding halt – leaving victims with not only hefty ransom demands but also steep business interruption costs. To combat this, Gillware, a booming incident response and cyber risk management firm based in Madison, announces its comprehensive approach to ransomware incident response.

The Gillware ransomware response process focuses first on eliminating the existing threat to ensure the business’s environment is safe while also preserving forensic evidence for the extensive investigation. Once the environment is safe, Gillware focuses on recovering the data either through ransom negotiation and payment or more traditional data recovery and backup methods. Restoring business operations as quickly as possible is then priority number one.

Our competitors seem to prioritize the investigation of an incident above the restoration of data and critical systems, leaving businesses to pick up the pieces on their own after the investigation is complete

We understand that answering the who, what, where, when, why and how is important, but we often find our clients are most concerned with restoring their business-critical systems. We simultaneously pursue investigation and restoration, resulting in a seamless, efficient, and stress-free response effort that provides our clients with answers and also the services they need to get back to work.

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In addition to the focus on restoration, Gillware developed a suite of remote collection tools to enable a faster response time and eliminate the need for onsite assistance. By leveraging technology, evidence can quickly be collected and analyzed. Gillware’s Case Management Portal automatically scans and triages evidence so investigators can quickly evaluate root cause and threat eradication.

This approach to improve the ransomware response process is just one way Gillware aims to help businesses navigate cyber threats. Through a whole suite of proactive services, the cyber risk management division of Gillware works with businesses to identify their information security weaknesses and guides them along the path of remediation.

With both proactive and reactive services, Gillware’s top priority is to help businesses emerge stronger than before from a cyber risk perspective.

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