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For many patients, navigating the complexities of the healthcare system is cumbersome and frustrating. Consumers routinely fail to engage or achieve positive health outcomes with their providers because they don’t understand what’s expected or how to work effectively with medical processes.

Making sense of their health plans, dealing with costs, maneuvering through primary and specialty care, and determining what role they need to play can all be challenging, especially when they’re also battling an illness. A poor patient experience can complicate care and be a barrier to good outcomes, even making care more expensive.

With Wellbe, patients have the guidance they need to help them navigate their choices and activities at each step of their healthcare journey; enabling good decision-making and timely actions to ensure the best patient experience and positive health outcomes.

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The quality of the patient experience has consequences for providers, too. According to a 2018 Deloitte study, higher patient experience ratings are associated with higher profitability. Hospitals with “excellent” patient ratings see a net margin of 4.7%, on average, compared to just 1.8% for hospitals with “low” ratings.

With Wellbe, our customers are transforming their patient experience by giving patients smart, personalized solutions to help them navigate their care journeys. Our online eNavigation solutions connect patients to their care teams and provide tools, content, and directions at each step of their care. When included in the care coordination process, patients are empowered to make better choices and engaged to take the necessary actions leading to better health management and more satisfactory outcomes. Wellbe is used across 70 programs in the United States, Canada and Australia – ensuring the health of tens of thousands of patients as they make their way through treatments and procedures.

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