Widen display

Widen's Virtual Immersion team exploring worlds via Oculus Rift.

In 1948, Widen was founded as a lead plate engraver. Family-owned, we transitioned from the analog era to the digital, building a legacy across two centuries. Throughout, our mission has been to innovate in technologies that help organizations tell compelling stories.

From headquarters in Madison, WI and London, England, Widen serves 640 of the world’s most influential brands and more than 550,000 users. We’re proud to count Fortune 100 companies, world-class universities, and iconic Wisconsin brands like Trek and Sargento among our customers.

To serve global brands, we have to anticipate where marketing will go in the future. Our Virtual Immersion team has been testing new media like augmented reality, 3D video, 360 photography, 3D printing, and virtual reality.

For example, they have partnered with our HR department to explore virtual work environments and meeting spaces. Maybe they will enhance collaboration between our Madison and London teams, or allow remote customers to feel like they are in the room with us.

The Virtual Immersion team is also exploring how to present these new file types alongside assets traditionally stored in our software, such as photos and PDFs. How does one preview augmented reality content and interact with it on a computer not made for that experience?

We want to understand how emerging technologies fit into the work of community building, storytelling, and digital experience design. But toward what end? That was our task in 2019: to define an innovation intent.

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Widen believes in empowering people. Tools like our digital asset management (DAM) system — a digital platform for creating, managing, sharing, and measuring content — can help people reach their highest potential.

Our average customer stores nearly 60,000 photos, videos, images, and graphics in our DAM solution. Imagine how insanely hard it would be to find those assets without a tool! That was life for our customers before they partnered with Widen.

The 550,000 people we serve include designers, photographers, videographers, multimedia artists, and other creatives. We turn piles of files into an elegant, searchable library of everything they’ve created. That way, they can immerse themselves in content they were hired to create. And we, their audience, can enjoy the 50+ million online experiences that Widen powers every day.

We explore emerging technologies and question what to introduce into the world because these choices shape what millions of people experience on the web. Asking hard questions is part of what makes Widen’s culture magnetic. We have a 93 percent employee retention rate, which is unheard of in the tech industry. We work inside an organizational democracy where individuals have the freedom to make decisions, define their purpose, and explore. This spirit of exploration drives our ongoing quest to understand what innovation means to us.

To us, 71 years is just a start. We’re humbled to be the platform that powers millions of digital experiences. We’re excited to work the frontier of virtual technology. And we’re proud to put people at the center of our innovation intent.

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