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The Goods Unite Us app is full of simple switches you can make to vote with your wallet.

Goods Unite Us was started after the last presidential election, when one of my co-founders, Brian Potts, and I realized that it was time to address the negative impacts associated with corporate money in politics. Together with our third co-founder, Amy Jo Miller, Goods Unite Us maintains a free app and a website that provides detailed political donation information on thousands of brands and companies.

If you want to see the politics of companies like Apple, Starbucks or McDonalds, just download our free app and take a look. You can search by company or brand to see which politicians the company and its senior employees support, or you can even search by politician to see all of each politician’s recent corporate funders.

The idea is to bring some attention, transparency, and accountability to corporate money in politics. For our democracy to thrive, we need to protect the integrity of our elections and each individual vote.

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Corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars influencing elections. And Goods Unite Us helps voters prevent their daily purchases from undermining their vote. In fact, the average consumer funds politicians and PACs about three times more through their purchasing choices than through direct political contributions.

People have started to take note. In August alone, we nearly doubled the number of monthly active users on our apps. And throughout all our platforms, we now have over 150,000 monthly active users.

The data we make accessible to consumers is particularly important as we approach another major election. There has been a lot of news lately about company executives donating large amounts of money to candidates that do not align with the message of the company or its consumer base. Goods Unite Us helps consumers avoid inadvertently funneling their consumer dollars into the pockets of candidates they oppose.

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