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Accuray Inc.’s team of nearly 300 engineers, physicists and others are bringing life-saving technologies to physicians and their patients worldwide.

A powerhouse behind breakthrough cancer treatments sits on Madison’s far west side. Accuray Inc.’s team of nearly 300 engineers, physicists, and others brings life-saving technologies to physicians and their patients worldwide.

With roots at UW-Madison and Stanford University, Accuray Inc.’s products -- including the next-generation TomoTherapy platform called the Radixact System, and the CyberKnife System -- reset the bar in radiation oncology in terms of delivering precise radiation treatments while avoiding harm to healthy tissue.

We have broken from the confines of conventional radiation therapy, leading clinicians and patients to the next generation of radiation therapy.

The TomoTherapy System is the first and only radiation therapy device to integrate daily CT imaging into the treatment process for enhanced accuracy, and to deliver radiation from 360 degrees around the patient's body. The integrated imaging and advanced dose-delivery capabilities enable efficient delivery of the precise radiation treatments to patients with a wide range of cancers.

Because of this precision, many physicians report that their patients suffer  fewer side effects compared to patients receiving conventional forms of radiation therapy. Building on the game-changing TomoTherapy platform, the new Radixact System is designed to more efficiently and effectively deliver precision radiation treatments to more patients.

Likewise, the Accuray CyberKnife System has also changed the field of radiation therapy, transforming the treatment of both malignant and benign tumors within all areas of the body.

It is the only robotic radiation therapy system able to track and automatically correct for tumor motion throughout the treatment session in real-time, enabling the delivery of the maximum dose of radiation directly to the tumor with sub-millimeter precision.

Accuray was founded on the belief that with the right technology, physicians would be able to make a meaningful, positive improvement in the treatment of cancer. The company is delivering on this conviction through continuous innovation.

We work closely with clinicians, who are applying our technology and expanding clinically appropriate applications beyond what we thought possible. Our clinical partners also play a critical role in our continued innovation, working hand-in-hand with Accuray to further advance the technology and discover new, effective ways to treat cancer.

In the end, everyone – most importantly patients – benefit from the clinical innovations that we’ve forged together. Patients considering Accuray’s products should consult with their clinicians to determine whether Accuray’s products are right for them.

Accuray is improving what’s possible for patients. Our teams in Madison, at our headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, and around the world, continue to collaborate and innovate, striving to make personalized, effective treatments faster and safer, and to make them available to more patients. We’re honored to be recognized among so many other innovators in the greater Madison area.

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