As of October, American Family Ventures, our company’s venture capital arm, will be among several American Family business units residing at Spark, an 8-story building on the rapidly revitalizing East Washington corridor in Madison.

Rev360 was established in 2006 to provide cloud-based software, called RevolutionEHR, upon which eye doctors could run their entire clinic, optical, and health care business operations.

There’s talk of how artificial intelligence will disrupt every sector of the economy. Yet, in health care, an industry that represents 18 percent of the GDP, we are far from computers taking over. Instead, we have the opposite problem — the computers are not doing enough.

In 2005, I went to Louisiana to assist with Hurricane Katrina cleanup. From then on, I became interested in the economic impact of storms and the possibilities around helping people better prepare for and understand weather.

Fishidy was founded on the idea of building the most robust online fishing knowledge base available using interactive maps, mobile technology and crowdsourced information.

Innovation. We aspire to it. The word hangs on the walls of our businesses. It is written in mission statements. Increasingly, it is included in org charts. But where does it come from? How do we build a true culture of innovation in our community?

Cities across the country are experiencing disproportionate influence by the vocal few who can afford to attend council meetings and town halls. There are many residents who know that the topics under deliberation are important and want to participate, but are either busy with family events,…

Therapy has been in the news a lot lately -- and we’re not mad about it. Giving people a place to talk is so important, as is providing people the ability to talk. At DotCom Therapy, we cover it all, and we do it in such a way that therapy becomes sustainable, accessible and exceptionally be…

A powerhouse behind breakthrough cancer treatments sits on Madison’s far west side. Accuray Inc.’s team of nearly 300 engineers, physicists, and others brings life-saving technologies to physicians and their patients worldwide.

Madison’s innovation and startup community is on a roll. In 2016, the Atlantic Council found that Madison “may be at a turning point” to become nationally recognized “as a hub for technological innovation and entrepreneurship.” As AOL founder, Steve Case puts it: “Madison punches above its w…

DataChat is taking on the ambitious challenge of transforming the way businesses get insights from data. We call this the “last mile of data analytics.”

Over the past decade-plus, health care organizations across the country have made major investments in electronic health records. One benefit of the digital revolution reaching the health care industry is that massive amounts of data have been created and stored with the EHR systems.

Breathe For Change (B4C) is a Madison-based movement to enhance the health and well-being of teachers, students, and school communities through yoga, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning.