Forty-six money managers, analysts and top executives of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board are in line for six-figure bonuses this year because of the success of their investment strategy over the past several years.

That includes an incentive award topping $500,000 for SWIB executive director Michael Williamson and awards of more than $250,000 for nine other staff members.

The list of individual bonuses was released Thursday at the request of the Wisconsin State Journal. They are divided up from a pot of $11.9 million — the second-highest for SWIB — based mainly on returns that added $1.4 billion above SWIB’s benchmarks to the Wisconsin Retirement System funds over the past five years.

Last year, SWIB dished out a record $13.3 million in incentive pay for bringing in $2.65 billion over their five-year earning goals.

Williamson will get the largest bonus this year — $509,260. Combined with his $300,000 salary, he will receive $809,260. Last year, Williamson’s salary and bonus totaled $918,643.

Chief investment officer David Villa is getting a $459,914 bonus, raising his compensation package to $874,914. Last year, Villa’s salary and bonus came to $1,075,378 — the agency’s highest pay in 2014.

Chuck Carpenter, managing director for private markets, will get a $493,685 bonus, for a total of $765,077 with his salary counted in.

Of SWIB’s 150 investment employees and support staff in 2014, 142 qualified for an incentive payment. The smallest was $1,200 to a communications staff member who started working there in September.

SWIB manages more than $106.2 billion in assets, as of Feb. 28, primarily the Wisconsin Retirement System’s trust funds. The funds provide benefits to more than 590,000 current and former public employees.

Retirees whose pensions come from the trust funds will receive increases of 2.9 percent from the Core Fund, the main retirement fund, and 2.0 percent from the smaller Variable Fund, starting May 1.

It is the second consecutive year payments will rise.

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